HomeServe USA, Lincoln Tech Partner, Celebrates 3 Millionth Household

HomeServe USA careersHomeServe USA, the leading provider of home energy repair solutions, recently announced that on March 31, the company surpassed the 3 million household mark! Last year HomeServe entered into a career shadowing partnership with Lincoln Tech’s Union campus, giving students in the HVAC training program the chance to spend time on the job with technicians from an industry leader, and to learn about HomeServe USA careers.

“At a time when a significant number of Americans are living in homes built decades ago, our service plans are allowing homeowners to resolve problems such as water line breaks, sewer line blockages, HVAC system repairs, or repairs to electrical wiring,” Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe USA, recently explained in an interview at  “Simply put, we help homeowners avoid the costs and inconvenience of these kinds of repairs, while supporting the goal of maintaining and improving private infrastructure on a national level.”

Outstanding customer service skills: the cornerstone of HomeServe USA careers

HomeServe prides itself on providing outstanding service to their customers; their stated retention rate is an impressive 82%. So when Lincoln Tech students get out into the field and shadow HomeServe technicians, they’re not only learning how their hands-on training can be applied in real-world situations – they’re also getting an up-close look at professional customer interactions.

“HomeServe’s reputation and focus on customer service are exemplary and played a big role in why we chose to partner with them in offering our students this valuable opportunity,” says Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech’s President and CEO.

At a time when HVAC careers are growing in New Jersey and around the country, Lincoln Tech is proud to call HomeServe USA a partner in helping build the next generation of skilled climate control technicians.  The Union campus’s Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Technology program is also accredited by HVAC Excellence, the field’s oldest and largest accrediting body, while the campus has been recognized as a Green School of Distinction by the Green Mechanical Council for its commitment to including environmentally-friendly “green” technology in the training curriculum.  This shadowing program also gives students the chance to pursue HomeServe USA careers after graduation.

Lincoln Tech congratulates HomeServe USA on reaching three million households around the country!

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