Lincoln Tech Reaches 100 Percent Placement For Electronic Engineering Grads!

Lincoln Tech Launches Electronic Engineering Careers!

Lincoln Tech’s Allentown, PA Electronic Engineering Technician (EET) career training program is booming, helping graduates begin electronic engineering careers with local employers at a great rate. With a 100 percent placement rate of graduates into positions in the field*, this is one career that is a wise decision for those intrigued by the inner working of electronics of all shapes and sizes. Director of Career Services Charmain Brody attributes part of the success to the great community that has been built up around the Allentown campus.

“Allentown is a fortunate campus,” Brody says. “It has had a long standing reputation in the community with many of the area employers.”

A History of Quality Electronics Career Training

Formerly known as the Electronics Training Center, the Lincoln Tech campus in Allentown has trained skilled electronics professionals since 1949 – for more than 65 years the school has been building relationships with employers seeking high caliber graduates. Through the Allentown program, students not only prepare for work through hands-on learning; they also have an opportunity to fulfill a co-op with some area industry leaders like East Penn Manufacturing and Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. Lutron, in fact, recently received the campus’ Employer of the Year award because of the many Lincoln Tech graduates the company has hired.

Other students choose to work part-time at local companies so they can quickly apply the things that they learn while also learning on the job. By the time those types of students are done with the 14 month program at Lincoln Tech, they will have had nearly a year on the job – what a résumé booster! According to Brody, one of the most common pieces of feedback that Allentown receives about Lincoln grads from employers is that they are grateful for the fundamental level of knowledge that each student has.

“We often hear that employers love that our students are very structured,” says Brody. “Because it is an extensive program with a more demanding schedule, most students are very driven coming in.”

A Wide Range of Career Opportunities Awaits

The EET field touches a wide variety of industries and employers. Careers range from electromechanical, bio-medical and engineering to military applications, manufacturing and even a local company that creates musical organs. While the options are vast many students tend to follow the industrial maintenance field. This mechanically driven route interests many technically-minded students.

Another popular choice for students who are analytical thinkers is the engineering route. Local engineering companies often interview Lincoln students coming out of Allentown. So many unique aspects of the Lincoln Program help students to feel fully prepared for full-time work. From their final project to their mandatory interviews, each student has the tools to launch their EET career.

“It really is a team effort at Allentown,” Brody concluded. “From the education department to admissions and everyone in between, everyone plays a role in the success of the program and the support of the students.”


* As reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) in the Allentown campus’ 2015 G&E Report.


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