Computer Security Day – The Perfect Time to Plot a New Career Course.


There are many ways to get your foot in the door for a computer networking position. Lincoln Tech has a history of working with companies to find the perfect fit for both graduates and employers. STIGroup, an innovative firm that provides cyber security consulting, secure IT engineering and managed security services, is no exception. In the last five years, STIGroup has hired five graduates and provided internships to others from Lincoln Tech’s Paramus, NJ campus.

For Computer Security Day – marked each year on November 30th – we caught up with STIGroup’s CEO to learn more about what it takes to break into the industry and play a role safeguarding Americans’ sensitive personal information.

CEO Stresses the Importance of Proper Training on Computer Security Day.

“Entry-level IT candidates need the foundational knowledge in communications infrastructure and protocols, operating systems, data security and applications used in the IT field,” says Dominic Genzano, CEO of STIGroup. “They also need a reasonable level of hands-on exposure to these technologies so that this foundational knowledge translates into capability through the context of practical application.”

One of the reasons the connection between STIGroup and Lincoln Tech is so strong is because several of STIGroup’s employees have taught in the past at Lincoln Tech, or are current instructors at the school. “This direct and continuous exposure to Lincoln Tech students allows us to really get to know the students,” Genzano notes. “We can better assess who has the potential to succeed at our firm.”

This may be different than the typical hiring process, but it’s one unique way to get started on a computer networking career. Genzano adds, “Lincoln Tech provides a vehicle for people with potential to get into the IT field, whether it’s an initial career pursuit or a career change – there is significant value in that.”

Securing Your Future – and Your Computer.

Computer Security Day began in 1988, due to an increase in computer use in homes, businesses and the government. Even almost 30 years ago, hacking and viruses were posing greater risks, and online security was becoming a concern.

A few ways to protect yourself:

Change your password frequently

Update all of your spyware and malware protections software.

Outdated programs increase vulnerabilities – upgrade!

Encrypt and back up all your files.

Keep your information safe on Computer Security Day, and every day. And prepare for a career at the heart of the I.T. systems driving today’s businesses with the help of Lincoln Tech!


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