How To Be Popular In The Workplace


A system crashed. The server is down. You need a software update. Who do you call? Your IT Specialist, the most popular person in the office.  Almost every business today counts on email, computers and the internet. They are the tools that enable faster communication both internally and externally, and provide instant access to a world of information.

But these tools are not without risks. We all know the intimidation and frustration that occurs when something goes wrong. Not to mention the loss of time and money that might result if your system stops working. Enter the IT Specialist – the hero, the lifesaver, the most popular person in ANY office.  Want to know how to be popular in a new career?  Train to become a Computer & Network Support Technician at Lincoln Tech!

IT Specialists Support Systems and People

An Information Technology specialist focuses on improving the usability and efficiency of a company’s technological systems and processes. Their goal is a smoothly functioning computer network.  One that’s free of bugs, glitches and interruptions providing an effective flow of information throughout the company. They can provide services related to software, hardware, databases, networks and information systems.

Lincoln Tech’s Computer and Network Support Technician (CNST) training program can prepare you for careers at the heart of the IT systems that are driving today’s businesses. After completing your training, you will be eligible to sit for key industry certification exams that can help enhance your skills to potential employers.

Across all types of businesses and all around the country, the people who support computers and networks learn how to think logically, go “under the hood and behind the curtain” of systems like Windows 10, perform wireless network configurations and troubleshoot hardware and software.  And by learning how to take care of people, not just equipment, they learn how to be popular in the workplace!



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