Lincoln Tech Campuses Honor Alumni with Hall of Fame Inductions


2018 was quite the year for alumni of Lincoln Tech. Hall of Fame induction ceremonies took place throughout the year, all around the country. The inductees were an interesting mix of recent graduates and those who graduated nearly 60 years ago!

The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies included the family and friends of the inductees, campus staff and instructors, even present students.

There were two plaques honoring each inductee – one for them to take home, and one to hang on the Hall of Fame wall at each campus. These events are an invaluable opportunity to honor those who graduated in the past, while inspiring those who are currently attending and those preparing to graduate.

Visit our Hall of Fame page and take a closer look at these amazing alums—where they are now, and how their time at Lincoln Tech helped them achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

If reading about Lincoln’s honored alumni has inspired you to follow your dreams, contact a campus near you. When you start your training at Lincoln Tech, you never know where you are going to wind up!


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