Centrifugal Superchargers Add Power and Drive to Your Ride

Centrifugal superchargers add power

Ever wonder whether centrifugal superchargers are right for your kind of car? Chances are, the answer is yes – and Tony from “Hot Rod Garage” is going to explain why. The special Motor Trend series continues with Episode 53 featuring a new Lincoln “Tech Tips” segment!

Transcription for Centrifugal Supercharger Video

Tony: Welcome back to another Lincoln Tech Tip. Today, we’re going to discuss centrifugal superchargers and tell you why you should put one on your car. Now, in the past, we’ve discussed Roots blowers and turbochargers. But this is the first time we’re going to put one of these centrifugal units onto an HRG project car. Centrifugal superchargers are belt-driven superchargers that deliver forced air, or boost, into an engine. That belt drives a pulley that is connected to a set of gears that drive an impeller in a compressor housing.

Centrifugal Superchargers Offer Direct Drive Benefits

Now, that impeller draws in fresh air, pressurizes it, and forces it out of the outlet, which is then piped into your engine, creating boost. The advantages of a centrifugal supercharger are a smaller overall footprint in the engine bay, simplicity of the system compared to a turbocharger, and great response because of that direct drive system. The cons of a centrifugal supercharger are lower overall boost levels compared to turbochargers, and the need for a bit more maintenance with changing the belts and changing the oil in the compressor housing.

Okay. Now that you know, let’s get back to the shop.

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