“Women have to work harder to prove themselves, but that makes us better technicians.”


Words of advice from Lincoln Tech graduate Beth Hartstone for any women out there considering a career as an HVAC technician. As March is Women’s History Month, Lincoln Tech is honoring some of our recent graduates, women who are making history by succeeding at jobs traditionally held by men. During their hands-on training, these women were often greatly outnumbered in class. By reaching out to other women pursuing the same careers, they found strength, inspiration and good old-fashioned advice. We hope their stories do the same for our blog readers.

For Women in Skilled Trades, the Sky’s the Limit!   

 Beth pursued her HVAC training at Lincoln Tech’s Union, NJ campus. After graduation, she found employment with a company in Queens, NY. “Right now I am an Apprentice in a commercial company,” explains Beth. “I just became a member of local union 638 as well, which is an amazing accomplishment.”

“Training in school gives you the basics to start your career,” she adds.  “Consistency, hard work and dedication help you begin to understand your field of work better.”

Moving forward, Beth’s opportunities are virtually limitless. HVAC service technicians can climb the career ladder to become installers, operation managers, distribution managers, even business owners. Quite a few other Lincoln Tech Union graduates now own their own HVAC businesses.

Women Helping Women in Skilled Trades.

 There are many organizations around the country dedicated to helping women in skilled trade industries. One Beth found helpful was Women in HVACR, which exists to empower women through networking opportunities, mentoring and education. “Another student in my class recommended that I join,” recalls Beth. “There’s so much information and resources available to members. I didn’t realize how many women are actually part of this industry until I joined.”

If Beth’s story inspired you to pursue a career in HVAC or a different skilled trade, reach out to Lincoln Tech.  We can help you put your potential to work!


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