Partnership Program Grads Begin Careers With Hussmann


Grand Prairie, TX – September 30, 2018 – If you’ve shopped in a supermarket lately, chances are good that there were Hussmann-built freezers and refrigeration units keeping produce cold and fresh.  Lincoln Tech’s Grand Prairie campus serves as the nation’s first training site for students pursuing commercial HVAC/R careers with Hussmann.  The partnership program was also designed to help the manufacturer build a steady pipeline of talent for positions on their teams around the world.  Not enough candidates in today’s job market have the proper skills for repairing and maintaining HVAC/R equipment, and there is always a demand for trained technicians.

This summer, Lincoln Tech celebrated the first class of students to complete specialized training for careers with Hussmann, a Panasonic Company and a leading global provider of commercial refrigeration equipment.  Upon graduating from Lincoln Tech’s HVAC/R (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology) programs around the country, students had the opportunity to continue their education at the new TechX training facility, built by Hussmann at Lincoln Tech’s Grand Prairie campus.

Hussmann paid for transportation and tuition, as well as room and board costs, for all students accepted into the program.  Students were relocated to the Grand Prairie campus to train in the TechX center, and upon completion of their specialized Hussmann training, students were matched with open positions at Hussmann facilities nationwide.

Each member of the first graduating class had secured employment at a Hussmann location prior to graduation.  These locations include Hussmann branches in Arizona, Atlanta, Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.  Members of the first graduating class are:

Andrew Bataillon, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Marietta, GA campus

Dallas Davenport, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Grand Prairie campus

Christopher D’Torres, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Union, NJ campus

Doug Ehling, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Union, NJ campus

Greg Fistell, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Denver, CO campus

Clayton Johnson, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Denver, CO campus

Michael LeRuouzic, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Mahwah, NJ campus

Alex Vitto Marcano, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Union, NJ campus

Eddy McKernan, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s New Britain, CT campus

Shaeem McLaren, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Marietta, GA campus

Rony Pierre, a graduate of Lincoln Tech’s Union, NJ campus

Careers With Hussmann Benefit Graduates, Employer

“If you’re an HVAC technician, your world is golden, especially in a company like Hussmann,” said Donna Ward, the company’s Director of Human Resources.  “You wouldn’t believe the number of people within our organization, all the way up to the ranks of CEO, who started as technicians.  The direction you take is limited only by you.”

About Hussmann Corporation 

 Hussmann Corporation is an innovation and technology leader providing products and services that enable excellence in the food retail industry.  Grounded in a history of industry-changing, innovative refrigerated merchandisers and refrigeration systems, Hussmann provides a broad array of solutions for merchandising / shopper engagement, refrigeration, asset optimization, and supply chain management that address the critical needs of food retailers to increase sales, reduce costs, and increase shopper loyalty.  Hussmann collaborates with customers across a variety of food retail segments including supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores and dollar stores as they work towards their vision to positively impact the lives of consumers by transforming the future of food retailing.



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