What is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

One of the most exciting advances happening in the diesel field right now is the growth of alternative fuels like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to drive a cleaner, more efficient generation of diesel-powered vehicles.  At Lincoln Tech in Denver, we’re proud to now offer a training program dedicated to this emerging technology!

Compressed natural gas is methane stored at high pressure.  This readily-available fuel can be used as an environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline, propane, and standard diesel fuel.  CNG is an odor-free, colorless gas that’s drawn from natural gas wells or produced in conjunction with crude oil.  It’s a resource that has experts excited, and it has created a career field that can mean new opportunities for you!

Adding CNG qualifications to your resume as a diesel technician can mean better earning potential after graduation, since there’s a growing demand for CNG skills but not enough candidates who have those skills.  Trucks, aerial equipment, construction equipment, forklifts and many other types of vehicles are using CNG systems to improve their efficiency and convert to “green” operations.  CNG is safe, clean, and helps break our dependence on fossil fuels!

Many leading brands around the world – such as carrier services, waste management firms, and school bus manufacturers – are making the switch to CNG.  Many more are starting the process of changing over.  Having CNG skills on your resume when you graduate can help give you an upper hand when you apply for diesel technician positions, and Lincoln Tech in Denver is proud to offer a program that can set you apart from the competition!

What is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and how can CNG training help you launch a new career?

After graduating from Lincoln Tech’s Diesel & Truck with Alternative Fuel Technology program, you’ll be eligible to pursue jobs as a CNG sales person, a private repair tech, a fleet service tech, and with further certifications, even a CNG fuel inspector!

This enhanced diesel training will help you build many of the skills you'll need to break into this exciting field:

  • Inspecting CNG tanks, lines, connections, valves, and regulators.
  • Knowing the science behind, and benefits of, CNG systems and other systems like hybrid and electric drive vehicles.
  • Disassembling and reassembling diesel engines, including heads, valve train components, oil pumps, and cylinder liners. 
  • Using equipment like multi-meters and vehicle lifting mechanisms.

Start training today for a career that's helping to redefine the diesel industry!

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