Financial Literacy Month: Time to Build Your Financial Future


If you’ve been planning to get a better hold on your finances, or haven’t been sure where to turn or how to start, National Financial Literacy Month was created with you in mind!  First established in 2000 as a single “Financial Literacy Day,” the initiative has been expanded to a month-long educational promotion designed to help Americans – Millennials in particular – take charge of their finances with information not typically taught in school.  The purpose is to highlight the importance of establishing, and maintaining, healthy financial habits.

Financial literacy is about more than just understanding financial terminology, how to read a credit report, or keeping an eye on your bank statements (although those things are all part of it)!  It’s about learning how to make smart financial decisions today that will set you up for success later in life.  The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy calls it “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”  Simply put, if you want to build a brighter financial future for you and your family, financial literacy will be your foundation.

Lincoln Tech Promotes Financial Literacy

Your local Lincoln Tech school offers resources year-round to help you understand and establish your own financial literacy, and this month many campuses have activities and events planned to spread awareness of what it means to have good financial habits.  Whether you’re thinking about enrolling for career training, you’re currently in a program, or you’ve already graduated and started a career, connect with your campus to learn about presentations and workshops being hosted throughout the month of April.  And follow Lincoln Tech on Facebook and Instagram for tips and strategies on improving your financial health.

For even more help getting started on the road to better finances, visit  Here you’ll have the chance to build a personal financial strategy and get answers to your questions about financial aid, personal finances, careers, and much more!  Don’t let this month pass you by – make the move toward stronger financial health today!


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