Where Automotive Careers are Growing


When contemplating a future career, it’s important to keep in mind which industries are growing versus what jobs are becoming obsolete. Everyone wants to work in an industry where there are opportunities and room for growth. That’s why jobs that can’t be taken on by computers or exported overseas are your ticket to a rewarding and promising future.  Lincoln Tech is going around the country and analyzing which career fields are growing in the states where we offer training. Today, we look at where automotive careers are growing in the United States.

Pay attention to the data below and use this information to guide you toward a fulfilling career. All career growth projections and salary information can be found at careeronestop.org for the years 2014–2024, unless otherwise noted.

If you’ve ridden in a car made in the last five years, you might notice the dashboard looks a little like a spaceship’s console. A lot of exciting technological changes and advances are happening in the auto industry, and yet there are still “wrench-turning” fundamentals every mechanic and technician needs to know too.

Automotive Careers Are Growing

There’s a great need for individuals who know their way around an engine and can maintain and repair the vehicles millions of Americans rely on every day, and Lincoln Tech campuses have training programs to help car lovers answer the call:

At Lincoln Tech, our ASE-Certified instructors will take you under the hood to give you personalized, hands-on training that will make you the kind of technician dealerships, shops and other employers want to hire!


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