Lincoln Tech Grad Talks Jobs at UPS

Lincoln Tech Grad Talks Jobs at UPS

UPS, one of the most renowned companies in the world, has one of the world’s largest fleets of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. These vehicles run not only on diesel power, but also on electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), hybrid systems and more. With a fleet this large and this varied comes an increased need for properly trained technicians to fill the many jobs at UPS.

The lack of skilled technicians is due in part to a generation of workers retiring and exiting the field, and also the rapid growth of the diesel industry. UPS is looking for technicians, and that’s where Lincoln Tech comes in. Together, UPS and Lincoln Tech have continuously worked to bridge the gap between the lack of skilled workers and the positions that need to be filled. It’s also important to develop a workforce that keeps pace with changing technology – for example, Lincoln Tech’s Denver, CO campus is currently one of the only schools in Colorado to offer Alternative Fuels training for its students.

The Path to Jobs at UPS Can Start at Lincoln Tech

UPS has more than 200 Lincoln Tech graduates working as technicians in its hubs.  One Lincoln alum, Carlton Rose, currently serves as President of Global Fleet Maintenance and Engineering, and he understands the benefits of a Lincoln Tech education. Even though he was offered scholarships to many universities in Indiana, Carlton decided to forgo them and pursue a degree at Lincoln Tech in Indianapolis, IN.

“Lincoln Tech provided a good foundation,” he says.  “The instructors were knowledgeable and I learned it’s important to do the job right the first time.”

This train of thought has stayed with Rose throughout his career. As a Lincoln Tech student, he also worked part-time as a gas station attendant. One day when he was on his way to his job, he called his boss and asked if he could attend a UPS interview. At his boss’s urging, he turned around and headed to the interview.  He was last in line to meet with recruiters, but ended up being the first person hired.

Carlton went on to work in the hub, loading and unloading trucks, while he finished his classes at Lincoln Tech. For the next 37 years he moved up in the ranks at UPS, next as an auto technician and then continuing his way up until he reached the executive position he holds now.

To fill jobs at UPS, Carlton and the company’s HR department make a few annual trips to local Lincoln Tech campuses to interview potential employees. He also believes in the importance of being a journeyman. The education is extremely valuable, but so is the work and experience that you build upon. “Students can work at companies like UPS while earning their credentials as auto technicians from a school like Lincoln Tech,” he says.  “As soon as they are certified, they can begin to move up in the ranks within the company. The opportunities are there with companies like UPS – you just need to take that first step towards becoming a skilled technician”.

“In the past,” he adds, “the world looked down on those that held jobs as mechanics. Most people thought more highly of lawyers and doctors than tradesmen. That’s changing as we speak. As the vehicles we use get smarter and more technical, so do the people that service them. The skill set needed to work on our vehicles is constantly evolving. We need technicians that are on the cutting edge of the auto industry.  And we can find those people at Lincoln Tech.”

If you are interested in a career as a diesel or auto technician, now is the time to call or visit your nearest Lincoln Tech campus!


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