Diesel Tech Placements: Lincoln’s Got the Pedal to the Metal


Diesel technicians are in high demand right now across the country, and there’s great projected job growth in the field in the foreseeable future. By 2024, the nation is projected to add more than 53,000* diesel and truck technicians. The diesel industry transports nearly everything we have, use and need to its destination. Nearly 800 diesel techs graduated from Lincoln schools last year, beginning careers with UPS, Ryder, and dozens of local and regional companies.

At each campus where diesel training is offered – including Grand Prairie (TX), Indianapolis, Nashville, and South Plainfield (NJ)Career Services specialists help connect graduates with employers looking for top talent to join their teams.  Two Lincoln Tech campuses – Denver and East Windsor (CT) – boast exceptionally strong placement rates for diesel technicians, and their respective Directors of Career Services took time out to talk about what makes their schools successful at placing graduates with these unique skill sets.

Careers in Colorado: Diesel Techs are in the Driver’s Seat.

Last year, four out of five diesel graduates from the Denver campus were hired within months of graduation. According to Ken Phipps, Director of Career Services, “Our staff works diligently to try and find students industry placement opportunities within the first two months of their program. These are part-time jobs that allow the students to begin using the skills they are learning while immersing them in their new career environment.  It also gives them the chance to ‘earn while they learn.'”

“We have hiring partners all around the area that are constantly asking us for recommendations and résumés,” he explains.  “They are looking for candidates with a clean motor vehicle record and background check, solid knowledge in basic fundamentals, flexibility in scheduling, professionalism, and possible relocation. They feel confident that Lincoln Tech’s Diesel graduates possess these skills and more.”

Waste Management Counts on Lincoln Grads to Get the Job Done.

Waste Management is one of the largest waste and environmental services companies in the country, and they turn to Lincoln Tech’s Denver campus for technicians to service their fleets.

“I know exactly what I’m getting with a Lincoln Tech grad,” says Gabrielle Duran, Waste Management’s Talent Acquisition Advisor. “We’ve had great success with our Technician Apprentice Program. Students attend classes at Lincoln Tech and work here 20 hours a week.”

Not only do the students get paid, but they also have an advantage when there’s a full-time position to be filled. Once hired, they receive an allowance of up to $2,500, and some new hires also receive tool sets. “Lincoln Tech’s Career Fairs are a great place to meet potential employees,” offers Duran. “We can get a sense of whether a student will be a good fit for us before inviting them to come in for an interview.”

Connecticut Grads Find Career Success.

Denver doesn’t stand alone when it comes to high placement rates for its Diesel Technology graduates – Connecticut is also enjoying a boom in the industry. Sandra Jordan, Director of Career Services at Lincoln Tech’s East Windsor campus, provided insight as to why they’ve been able to place more than 80% of their diesel graduates.

“Our high placement rates are due to a few factors: industry demand for skilled mechanics, very strong employer partnerships on a national level and an extremely seasoned faculty at our campus,” explains Jordan. “We host two large career fairs annually to promote diesel employers from around the country. We also spend time getting to know our students, building a relationship with them from day one. We try to place them in industry-related jobs while they’re still attending school, so they can build valuable experience for their résumés. We encourage employers to think outside the box and hire multiple students for job sharing, taking both a morning and afternoon student to fill one job order. This helps the school, the student and the employer; it is a win/win for all.”

Jordan says that well-known companies like Ryder, Penske Truck, TravelCenters of America and Camerota Trucks regularly seek out Lincoln Tech graduates when they have available positions. In addition, she says, students can also improve their chances of landing a dream job if they have some flexibility. “Students who are willing to relocate or become mobile technicians are in high demand,” Jordan says. “For example, Pilot J, the largest operator of travel centers in North America, has stated a need for over 600 mobile technicians all across the United States.”

Hiring managers are looking for technicians who are hardworking, reliable, knowledgeable and willing to constantly learn and maintain proper certifications in their field. And they know Lincoln Tech grads fit that bill. Build your own “professional equity” for a career in the growing diesel industry, and partner with a Lincoln Tech school near you to start building the skills hiring managers want to see! And put your potential to work.

*Source: careeronestop.org, for the years 2014-2024.


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