Diesel Mechanic Careers in Reach with Lincoln Tech Partnership


Lincoln Tech’s South Plainfield, NJ campus – a leading regional provider of hands-on career training for the diesel technology, transportation refrigeration, and heavy equipment industries – is proud to partner with some the top companies in the area.  These partnerships lead to diesel mechanic careers, refrigeration technician positions, and other rewarding opportunities for graduates.  And the Miller Transportation Group in New Brunswick, NJ has been one of the school’s most valued employer partners in recent years.

Miller Transportation began in 1912 as a small family-run auto dealership and has grown to a $200 million organization today. Miller Truck Leasing proudly follows their motto: “Large Enough to SERVE – Small Enough to CARE.”  Lincoln Tech recently had the opportunity speak with Bill McAnally, Vice President of Maintenance for Miller Truck Leasing, about the future of the industry and Miller’s partnership with Lincoln Tech.


Miller VP Talks about Lincoln Tech Partnership and Diesel Mechanic Careers



Lincoln: Thank you for speaking with us! Can you tell us a little bit of the Miller Truck Leasing backstory?
McAnally: Miller is the largest privately owned leasing company in the Northeast Region. It began in 1912 as a car dealership and today we have a large Ford dealership in Lumberton, New Jersey and [many other dealerships]. In 1967, Chip Miller made the decision to go into leasing in the local area and has grown [that business] since. I have been with Miller for four years and it’s been an exciting tenure.

Lincoln: So, it’s safe to say that Miller has expanded in many areas? What is the goal of Miller?
McAnally: We are in four different states and recently opened up in Massachusetts. We are excited about that opportunity!

Lincoln: Why partner with Lincoln Tech?
McAnally: Lincoln Tech offers good, quality technicians that have grown and stayed in our industry. Some have matured into management positions. We’re excited to have that partnership – it’s part of our success as a company.

Lincoln: Where do you see the future of the industry going?
McAnally: As you may know, there’s the autonomous truck that operates without a driver. Many of these trucks are driving across the country without a driver. It’s really a challenge. It [runs] by camera, GPS and electronics that [work] the throttle and brakes. Technicians have to be very particular; specifications are very tight. Minor deviations cause many issues with the trucks.

Lincoln: So, knowing this, what do you feel is most vital to technicians right now?
McAnally: For those that are new to the industry, it’s imperative to focus on studies and diagnostics. A failure to repair properly will cause some damage and personal injury. Unfortunately, that causes our customer pain and downtime and they are unable to deliver to their customer. Our goal is to focus on our customer’s customer, so the product is really delivered to the end user. If we can to do that, we’re very successful. The future of the industry is really interesting and we’re anxious to see where it’s going to take us.

Lincoln: Is it safe to say that Lincoln Tech and Miller Truck Leasing have the same goals in the industry going forward?
McAnally: Today it’s so important [to partner with Lincoln Tech] so they can understand where we’re going as an industry. Today we’re looking to hire [not only] technicians from Lincoln Tech: we’re looking for future managers. We need future leaders in our company, and a good background and good training will enable them to advance their careers relatively quickly.

As many of you may know, Miller Truck is customer-focused. Our goal is to focus on their customer’s customer. We empower our employees to make the decisions and always to keep the customer in mind.


Start on the road to diesel mechanic careers at Lincoln Tech!


In addition to the South Plainfield, NJ campus, Lincoln Tech offers diesel career training in East Windsor, CT; Grand Prairie, TX; Indianapolis, IN; and Nashville, TN. Diesel training is also provided at Lincoln Tech in Denver, CO – where an exciting Alternate Fuels option can help students prepare for careers at the leading edge of “clean diesel” technology!


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