Beauty Industry Jobs Training is Closing the Skills Gap

Beauty Industry Jobs Training is Closing the Skills Gap

Millions of Americans are without jobs and millions of jobs remain unfilled, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While numerous factors contribute to this problem, one major cause is the current shortage of skills needed to support growing industries, like the beauty industry. The U.S. has seen an increase in available beauty industry jobs like cosmetologists, nail technicians and makeup artists, but job-seekers aren’t developing the skills needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Schools like Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences are working to bridge that gap by helping students who are passionate about the beauty industry build the skills that hiring managers are looking for.  Lu Suarez, president of Euphoria Institute’s Las Vegas and Henderson, NV explains that the industry has more jobs than qualified applicants.

Beauty Industry Jobs in Las Vegas

“This has been an ongoing issue,” Suarez says.  “Las Vegas is experiencing steady growth in the Cosmetology field and adds about 3,700 new residents per month. By the year 2019, the city is expected to have more than 156,745 hotel rooms. A growing tourism industry adds to the constant demand for Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Nail Technicians in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.”

The demand for licensed professionals should continue to grow, as beauty industry jobs require a human touch — these jobs cannot be outsourced or automated like many other positions in the U.S. today. Cosmetology training puts you in a real, working salon on campus where you can refine your skills on real clients looking to transform their image with a new hairstyle or makeover.  Euphoria Institute schools follow Pivot Point curriculum established by the legendary Leo Passage, an industry leader and innovator.  The Pivot Point curriculum is a key feature to look for when you’re weighing your options for Cosmetology career training!

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