Mechanical ability can pay off for students



Has your son or daughter had an interest in hands-on tools since an early age? Now might be a good time to help them learn more about careers in the auto or diesel industries, manufacturing, or other skilled trades. Not everyone is gifted with an innate ability for mechanics, so those who are have always been in demand. A number of factors, however, have recently ramped up need in several related fields.  The result is that skilled workers holding two-year degrees are often able to command better starting salaries than college grads with four-year degrees.

In manufacturing alone, industry leaders expect to have to fill 3.5 million jobs by 2025, due in part to economic expansion and retirements by baby boomers. Further, pay rates in manufacturing have increased in recent years; one source notes hourly compensation is now 17 percent higher than in many other industries.

A few other projections about future hands-on careers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources (all projections through the year 2024)*:

Has your mechanically inclined teen ever considered one of these trades? If not, encourage him or her to check out our hands-on programs offered across the nation.  He or she could be on their way to a rewarding, steady career while many of their peers are still finishing their education!

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