Nurse Aide Training Opens Doors to Patient Care Careers


In 2018, Lincoln Tech expanded its Nurse Aide training options by introducing a Patient Care Associate (PCA) program at its Shelton, CT campus.  Thousands of healthcare facilities and organizations across the state employ Nurse Aides, Nursing Assistants and Patient Care Associates in their practices.  PCA training at Lincoln Tech can help you build the skills you need to qualify for these rewarding, patient-focused roles.

After completing your training and passing required certification exams, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career working in assisted living facilities, private practices, clinics, and a number of other healthcare settings.

Nurse Aide training includes key skills for launching careers

Healthcare careers such as Patient Care Associate, Nursing Assistant, and Nurse Aide give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients every day – and a caring, compassionate nature is an essential job requirement.  But there are also a number of hands-on technical skills you need to get started in this field.  In Lincoln Tech’s Nursing Skills Laboratory, you’ll have the opportunity to practice them all.

Training includes basic therapeutic techniques, safety measures, and taking vital signs.  Collecting blood samples through phlebotomy fundamentals is also emphasized, and Lincoln Tech’s training program includes one-to-one practice blood draws among classmates.  You’ll also receive hands-on instruction in performing standard 12-lead electrocardiographs (EKGs), and pursue Basic Life Support (BLS) certification through the American Heart Association.

The numbers add up: Nurse Aide training in Connecticut makes sense

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 25,000 positions will become available for patient care professionals in Connecticut by 2026*.  And if a competitive salary is a factor in your career search, it’s also worth noting that Connecticut is a Top 10 state for average entry-level pay rates in the field!

Patient Care careers are more than just “jobs”.  They give you the chance to profoundly affect and improve the lives of people who are on the road to recovery – for some, a very long road.  You’ll not only provide physical and emotional support to those in need, you’ll also earn the thanks and respect of the families whose loved ones are under your care.  And at the end of the day, you’ll go home from work knowing you’ve truly made a difference.

Call or visit our Shelton campus today to learn more and to start planning your own exciting future!


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