Food Services Careers in Sight: New Training Programs Launch in Columbia

Lincoln Tech’s Columbia campus culinary

Lincoln Tech’s Columbia campus has a reputation as a valued partner to employers not just in Maryland, but in the nation’s capital: Washington, D.C. which is less than an hour away.  And with so many up-and-coming dining options in Washington, Baltimore, and everywhere in between, Lincoln’s newest programs are launching this Fall to answer the region’s call for trained culinary professionals.  Lincoln Culinary Institute, a division of Lincoln College of Technology, will offer training for careers in Culinary Arts and Food Services, and International Baking and Pastry, to help aspiring chefs break into one of the country’s hottest gastronomical scenes!

Graduates of Lincoln Culinary Institute schools have gone on to exciting careers at world-renowned bakeries, top restaurants, upscale resorts, cruise lines, country clubs and more.  The Columbia campus is midway between Baltimore and D.C., putting you practically at arm’s length from a new career in the kitchens of some truly remarkable and historic establishments.

New program: Culinary Arts and Food Services

More than 1,500 chefs, head cooks and bakers are projected to be hired across Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia over the next 10 years*.  Lincoln Culinary Institute’s classes in global cuisine, food science and food service operations and food and beverage management will help prepare you for a career as a line chef, sous chef, and even a personal or private chef.  You’ll learn to plan a menu and balance the nutritional needs of your diners with the flavors they love.  Knife skills, modern cooking techniques, and advanced skills training for working with meats, poultry and seafood will give you a leg up on the competition – and then a real-world externship will give you the chance to work side-by-side with professional chefs.

New program: International Baking and Pastry

Inside European-style kitchens, International Baking and Pastry training will help you build the skills to create incredible desserts, pastries, and breads.  This program expands on Culinary Arts training by adding classes in breadmaking, cakes, and sugar and chocolate artistry.  And it’s capped off with a series of exciting externships that give you a total of 270 hours in the kitchens of real restaurants, bakeries and other eateries.  Here you’ll work with pastry chefs who can tell you, and teach you, what it takes to really make it in today’s competitive world of baking and pastry.

Discover the ingredients for a delicious new career of your own – learn more about Lincoln Culinary Institute today!

* Source:, for the years 2016-2026.


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