Filling the Void with STEM Careers

STEM Careers are growing across the U.S.


All across the U.S., there is a great need for skilled workers in careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, collectively known as the STEM fields. There is ongoing growth in hands-on STEM careers, partly because these careers can’t be outsourced.  And there’s a sense of urgency to help students develop along an educational path that will help them build skills for such careers.

STEM careers are some of the most in-demand positions in the country. In fact, there are almost 2.5 million openings projected over the next eight years in fields you can train for at Lincoln Tech.  These fields include skilled trades like HVAC and welding, the automotive and diesel industries, manufacturing healthcare, information technology, culinary fields, cosmetology and many others.  By focusing on training for STEM careers, schools like Lincoln Tech are creating budding professionals.

“STEM education is important because these concepts pervade every part of our lives,” says Karen Clark, Campus President of Lincoln Tech in Melrose Park.  “We need to rethink training and education in the 21st century.  Technology is continuously expanding in every aspect.  We need to renew our focus on skills, rather than degrees”

What hands-on STEM careers are growing?

STEM training is the best way to prepare to enter these growing fields, and hiring managers in these industries are looking for candidates with specific technical skill sets.  Even at the high school level, a greater emphasis is being placed on science, technology, engineering and math concepts to help ensure students have the backgrounds needed for hands-on post-secondary education.

Interested in learning what STEM careers are growing in your home state?  Visit our Career Growth blog to learn more about opportunities where you live – and how to train for them!

All career statistics represent projected growth from 2014 – 2024, and can be found at


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