Celebrating Careers in Construction Month. Week One – The Foundation.


To help celebrate Careers in Construction Month, Lincoln Tech has crafted a blog series that focuses on different stages in the construction process. What goes into each phase, what kind of equipment is needed to complete the work, and what kind of training is required to complete the work successfully.

Careers in Construction Month: From the Ground Up.

Bulldozers that level. Hydraulic excavators that dig. Dump trucks that carry. Wheel dozers that load. Just some of the hard-working vehicles you might see at a local construction site. Digging a foundation requires heavy equipment that can move, lift and load tons of soil, rocks, debris and more. When something goes wrong, time is money. Foremen on job sites rely on people professionally trained to maintain these monster vehicles. Heavy equipment maintenance involves an understanding of all the systems found on these large, motorized machines: hydraulics, diesel engines and many moving parts. Often, heavy equipment cannot be taken to an appropriate repair shop, so maintenance workers must be able to make repairs on site.

Proper maintenance of heavy construction equipment can contribute to productivity and cut operating costs, emissions and time of project completion. “Equipment maintenance is one of (if not) the best way to get the most from your investment,” says Andrew Wendling, Technology Enabled Solutions Deployment Manager for Caterpillar, Inc.  “Good maintenance will minimize repair costs and maximize production and profit. It helps control costs and service intervals, lengthens equipment life, minimizes downtime and adds resale value*.”

Start Building a Better Future During Careers in Construction Month.

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology training at Lincoln Tech in South Plainfield, NJ  and Nashville, TN, and Diesel Technology training at Lincoln Tech in Denver, COEast Windsor, CT; Grand Prairie, TX; and Indianapolis, IN helps graduates launch careers with real impact.  In addition, they’re meeting industry needs for technicians across the country. Heavy equipment specialists that can diagnose and repair diesel engines, truck systems and off-road equipment system units are desired throughout the country. By 2024, more than 25,000** positions are expected to open. According to Society of Human Resource Management, “Construction employment in January 2017 hit its highest level since the Great Recession, though the industry continues to suffer from a severe labor shortage, and a growing skills gap.”

Hear from employers that partner with Lincoln Tech’s South Plainfield campus about why they look to the school for the candidates they need for their diesel and heavy equipment jobs. And during this year’s Careers in Construction Month, explore hands-on training at Lincoln Tech and lay the foundation for your own successful future!


** Source: National and state-specific employment projections can be found at careeronestop.org for the years 2014-2024.

Keep an eye out for the next blog in our series:  

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