CNC Training In Connecticut At Lincoln Technical Institute

Trained manufacturing professionals are needed throughout New England and across the U.S. to meet a growing demand. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinists play important roles in operating and programming the machines that turn, mill and cut aluminum, titanium, and steel to create parts for a wide range of industries.

Lincoln Tech’s CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology program in Connecticut includes hands-on training that exposes you to the machines used in facilities that produce parts for airplanes, defense equipment, cars, the healthcare industry, and many other fields. You’ll program lathes, learn about multi-axis machining technology, use hand tools for manual milling and be exposed to CAD and CAM software inside our newly-built CNC Machining area at the East Windsor campus. The facility has been equipped with machines from Haas Automation, a leading global provider of CNC equipment. Upon graduating from CNC machine training in Connecticut, you’ll be ready to pursue entry-level positions such as a CNC Operator, Machinist or Set-up Technician.


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