Pivot Point

As a Pivot Point member school, Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences’ schools follow the Pivot Point Designer’s Approach curriculum, which is committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high-quality educational systems for the hair and beauty industry. These systems empower individuals to maximize their potential and elevate the professionalism of the industry.

The Pivot Point system of hair design is based on the belief that hair design is an art form. This system encompasses a powerful, all-inclusive cosmetology curriculum, delivered through a designer’s approach that consists of a step-by-step, hands-on learning process.

To help Euphoria students achieve the highest success possible, we present this process in a user-friendly, interactive DVD system which allows for easy classroom instruction. It also allows students to review any lesson at any time, and take self-tests to evaluate their understanding of course materials.

Pivot Point is a registered service mark and trademark owned by Pivot Point International, Inc. 

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