High Performance

The Automotive Technology with High Performance program takes car maintenance and repair to a whole new level. Combined with auto technology, students learn how to build and tune performance machines, engines, transmissions and more!

  • ASE-Certified instructors teach students essential performance techniques: Breaking down engines, reassembling transmissions and transaxles, and tackling new technologies in four-wheel steering, electronic steering, and in-depth coverage of computerized suspension systems.
  • Students learn how to use specialized tools used to service high performance engine blocks and related parts.
  • Learn car and engine modification, sport-tuning and dyno-testing for optimum function and speed.
  • Students will be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and conduct failure analysis of performance steering, suspension, and brake systems.

Through career training, Lincoln gives you the tools to get a head start in your automotive career. From auto dealerships, fleet maintenance departments and private repair and high performance customization enterprises, to franchised automotive repair organizations and more, our high performance specialized training prepares you for competent entry as an Automotive Technician.

Take the drive you have to push cars to the limit, and apply it to your career. Call Lincoln today, and get behind the wheel of a career with high speed!

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